Call for Papers: Essay Collection on Louise Imogen Guiney

The Vaughan Association announces plans to publish a centenary collection of literary and historical essays to honour the poet, essayist, and literary scholar Louise Imogen Guiney (1861-1920). The editors hope to print ten to fifteen papers, each about 3000-5000 words in length, that address Guiney’s literary achievements, her work in scholarship and public literary culture, her role in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Catholic circles, and especially her importance in seventeenth-century studies and Vaughan criticism. We expect to include considerations of Guiney’s career in terms of her status as a woman scholar and transatlantic figure; and the volume may also include some original poetry written about Louise Guiney and/or pursuing her literary vision. Please send 100-200 word proposals with a brief CV to Dr. Holly Faith Nelson and Dr. Jonathan Nauman at by 15 August 2019.
The Vaughan Association is an international literary society founded in 1995 to celebrate and explore the achievements of the poet Henry Vaughan and of his brother the iatrochemist Thomas Vaughan. The Association publishes an annual journal, Scintilla, featuring original poetry and scholarship in the metaphysical tradition; and an annual Colloquium is held each spring in the Vaughans’ native county of Breconshire.

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